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We are inviting the submission of scientific or technical papers for the VII International Congress of Knowledge and Innovation (ciki 2017) under the theme: “Knowledge and innovation: energy for the development”.

In this edition the ciKi will receive papers in three categories:

  • Full Paper – Article from 12 to 15 pages that presents the results from theoretical or empirical scientific research, including the presentation of the theoretical foundation, methodology, research data and analysis or discussion of results.
  • Short Paper  – Article from 4 to 6 pages that presents the initial or complete results from empirical or theoretical scientific research.
  • Technical Report (Case) – Article from 7 to 10 pages that presents the technical results, products, processes or learning resulting from a production technique developed in order to analyze and propose solutions to problems in the organizational context. The document must have title, abstract, introduction with an objective, description of the case, techniques  or situation, discussion with literature review, conclusion and bibliography.



  • The article can be presented in Spanish , Portuguese or English.
  • No inclusions / exclusions of new authors after the submission of articles or technical reports will be accepted.
  • In order for an accepted paper to be presented at the Congress, at least one of the authors should be registered.
  • The work must be submitted in accordance with the rules of APA.
  • The presentation of works will be made through the platform Easychair:

For any consultation, please contact the Scientific Committee in the following address: (Brazil)


The fields and subtopics for the submission of papers include, but are not limited to the following:

1)   Innovation Ecosystems

  • Creating Innovation Ecosystems
  • Organizational Models and Governance of Innovation Ecosystems (Science Parks, Innovation Habitats, Smart Cities, etc.)
  • Measurement and Evaluation of the Impact of Innovation
  • Innovation Labs in the Public Sector
  • Innovation and Creative Industries
  • Business Incubators and Innovation

1)   Knowledge Engineering

  • Technological Management of Knowledge
  • Knowledge Engineering for Innovation
  • Knowledge Engineering  Applied to Organizations
  • Knowledge Engineering Applied to E-government
  • Theory and Practice of Knowledge Engineering

3) Knowledge Management

  • Intellectual Capital Management
  • Intellectual Capital and Business Innovation
  • Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Knowledge Management for Sustainability
  • Theory and Practice in Knowledge Management

4) Knowledge Media

  • Knowledge and Innovation Media
  • Media and Knowledge in Education
  • Media and Dissemination of Knowledge
  • Theory and Practice of Media Knowledge

5)  Innovative and Entrepreneurial University

  • Knowledge Transfer and Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • Research Management and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems at Universities
  • Models for the Development of Entrepreneurial and Innovative Universities

6)  Management and Practice of Social Innovation

  • Innovative Processes for Social Inclusion
  • Concepts and Methodologies for Social Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Innovation
Associated Journals

Opportunities for scientific publication

The authors of the best articles presented at the conference will be invited to publish an extended version in the following scientific journals:

International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management

The International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management (IJKEM) is a magazine focused on interdisciplinary studies of engineering and technology, management and the media, quality, sustainability, innovation and / or competitiveness of public and private organizations, academic institutions and society. IJKEM is a quarterly publication aimed at researchers, teachers, students and professionals from related fields, for the dissemination of original articles on scientific and technological theory and practice.

Journal of Intellectual Capital


The Journal of Intellectual Capital is an international peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the exchange of information and current research on best practices in all aspects of the creation, identification, measurement and management of intellectual capital in the organizations. The journal publishes research and original case studies from academia, business and public sector on intellectual capital strategies, approaches, frameworks, tools, techniques and technologies in order to increase the understanding of intellectual capital in the context of the modern economy of knowledge. The aim of this magazine is to identify innovative strategies of intellectual capital and the application of theoretical concepts to real-world situations.

Revista Alcance

pub2Alcance Magazine is linked to the Graduate Program in Business Administration from the University of Vale do Itajaí – Univali and is published online every three months. Its editorial line focuses on the specialization area “Strategy, Management and Society”, whose themes are related to the three lines of the program: Organizational Strategy; Sustainability, Organizations and Society; and Management Technologies.

Revista Navus

pub3Navus is an electronic journal that publishes original scientific papers in Portuguese, Spanish and English. These are results of research and studies; critical reviews of books and events and research reports or scientific case studies. The editorial line focuses on the management of the organization in its relation to technology. It is published every three months, providing open access to published content. Contributions from Brazil and other countries are accepted in the fields of management and technology, with broad-spectrum knowledge of subdomains: Organizational Management and Strategy, People Management, Production Management and Logistics Management, Quality Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Sales and Marketing Management, Information and Knowledge Management, Sustainable Development and Education Management.

Produção em Foco

pub5Produção em Foco establishes a framework for discussion between professionals in education and business, as well as an exchange of approaches between experts in the field of production engineering, dissemination of the best technical and scientific work and an incentive for study and development of the productive and service enterprises in diverse practical areas of production engineering.

Revista CD: Ciencias de la documentación

pub7Ciencias de la Documentación magazine is a scientific publication that monitors the high impact knowledge and innovation  in the framework of Information, Communication and New Technologies. The Journal has international alliances, being one of them an Italian academic scientific publication linked to CLACSO.

Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management


(Available only in Spanish) La Revista Ibero-Americana de Estratégia – RIAE es fruto de la unión de investigadores que son miembros de diversos núcleos y grupos de estudios de estrategia existentes en las universidades de América Latina y en los países ibéricos. Esta unión surgió a partir de la identificación de los avances y de la madurez académica en este campo de investigación y por la falta de revistas especializadas y calificadas científicamente en esta área, lo cual ha dificultado la divulgación de importantes resultados que ya fueron alcanzados.

La RIAE es la sucesora de la antigua Revista Gerenciais , con un histórico de publicaciones iniciado en 2002 y sin interrupciones.

International Journal of Innovation

pub8(Available only in Spanish) International Journal of Innovation es una revista que se ha convertido en un vehículo para la publicación de producción intelectual en el campo de la innovación, la investigación científica y del conocimiento, estrategias, modelos de estado de la técnica y los instrumentos para la innovación. y nace como resultado de los esfuerzos de investigadores vinculados en distintos núcleos de investigación y grupos que estudian en universidades de todo el mundo. La revista adopta un enfoque multifacético aproximándose a los desafíos que enfrenta la innovación y las áreas relacionadas. La revista es de carácter internacional y da la bienvenida a las contribuciones al conocimiento en la innovación de alcance internacional.

Se encuentra indexada por:Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Ebsco Host, Portal de Portales Latindex, Gale Cengale Learning, Proquest, Erih Plus, Dialnet and Red Iberoamericana de Innovación y Conocimiento Científico


Uploading Papers

Papers should be sent through Easychair application.

For questions please contact the Scientific Committee at the following address:

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