Ciki 2020

Associated Publishers

Scientific Publication Opportunities

The authors of the best articles presented at the Congress will be invited to have an extended version published in the following scientific journals.

The decision to be published is up to each publisher and the authors must comply with the editorial standards of each journal.

International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management (IJKEM)

The International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management (IJKEM) is a journal focused on the interdisciplinary studies of engineering and technology, management and media, quality, sustainability, innovation and / or the competitiveness of public organizations and private, academic institutions and society. IJKEM is a quarterly publication aimed at researchers, professors, students and professionals in related fields, for the dissemination of original articles on scientific and technological theory and practice.

International Journal of Knowled Journal of Intellectual Capital

The Journal of Intellectual Capital is a peer-reviewed international publication dedicated to the exchange of the most up-to-date information and research on the best practices in all aspects of creation, identification, management and measurement of intellectual capital in organizations. This journal publishes research and original case studies of the academic, business, and public sector on strategies of intellectual capital, approaches, frameworks, tools, techniques, and technologies in order to increase the understanding of intellectual capital in the context of the modern knowledge economy. The objective of this journal is to identify innovative strategies of intellectual capital and apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations.

Revista Alcance

The Revista Alcance is linked to the Graduate Program in Business Administration of the University of Vale do Itajaí – Univali and is published online every three months. Its editorial line focuses on the concentration area “Strategy, Management, and Society”, encompassing themes that are related to the three lines of research of the program: Strategy in Organizations; Sustainability, Organizations and Society; and Management Technologies.

Revista Navus

Navus is an electronic journal that publishes original scientific work in Portuguese, Spanish, and English that result from research and studies; critical reviews of events and books and research reports, or cases of a scientific nature. The editorial line focuses on the management of the organization combined with technology. It is published every three months, offering open access to its contents. Collaborations are accepted from Brazil and other countries involved in the fields of management and technology, with a broad knowledge spectrum of subdomains in: Organizational Management and Strategy, People Management, Production Management and Logistics Management, Quality Management, Financial Management and Accounting, Commercial Management and Marketing, Information and Knowledge Management, Sustainable Development Management, and Education Management.

Produção em Foco

Produção em Foco establishes a framework for discussion between professionals in the field of education and business, an exchange of approach techniques between experts in the area of production engineering, a framework for dissemination of the best technical and scientific works, and incentives for the study and development of productive companies and services in the most diverse areas of production engineering practice.

Revista CD: Ciencias de la documentación (Journal of Documentation Sciences)

The Revista Ciencias de la Documentación (Journal of Documentation Sciences), is a scientific publication that ensures knowledge and innovation of the first order in the framework of Information, Communication, and New Technologies. The Journal has international alliances including an academic scientific publication from Italy and member of CLACSO.

Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management

The Ibero-American Journal of Strategy – RIAE is the product of a union of researchers who are members of different nuclei and groups of strategy studies that exist in the universities of Latin America and the Iberian countries. This union arose from the identification of progress and academic maturity in the field of research and the lack of specialized and scientifically qualified journals in this area, which has made it difficult to disseminate important results that have already been achieved. RIAE is the successor of the old magazine Gerenciais, with a history of publications that were initiated in 2002 and have continued without interruptions.

International Journal of Innovation

The International Journal of Innovation is a journal that has become a vehicle for the publication of intellectual production in the fields of innovation, scientific and knowledge research, strategies, state-of-the-art models, and instruments for innovation. The Journal is born as a result of the efforts of researchers linked in different research centers and groups studying in universities around the world. The journal adopts a multifaceted approach to solve the challenges facing innovation and related areas. The journal is international and welcomes contributions that further international innovation knowledge.

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