Call for Papers


The list of topics is not exhaustive and may include other aspects relevant to the themes of the conference.

Innovation Ecosystems

ciKi Themes 2022

Inclusive and Transformative Innovation

ciKi Themes 2022

Sociedad Digital y Desarrollo Sustentable

ciKi Themes 2022

Development and management of innovation environments

Organizational models and governance of innovation ecosystems

Measuring and evaluating the impact of innovation

Innovation in the public sector

Citizen participation in innovation processes

Quadruple Helix Strategies

Social inclusion and entrepreneurship ecosystem

Inclusive innovation processes: experiences and practices

Inclusive innovation policies

Research and inclusion


Digital transformation and innovation

Digital transformation and inclusion

The pandemic and digital transformation

Open Science and innovation

Knowledge Engineering

ciKi Themes 2022

Knowledge Management

ciKi Themes 2022

Knowledge Media

ciKi Themes 2022

Technological knowledge management

Knowledge engineering forinnovation

Knowledge engineering applied to organizations

Theory and practice of knowledge engineering

Intellectual capital management

Intellectual capital and business innovation

Knowledge management, entrepreneurship and innovation

Sustainability knowledge management

Theory and practice of knowledge management

Knowledge media and innovation

Knowledge media in education

Knowledge media and dissemination

Theory and practice of knowledge media

Instructions for submission of papers

The format of articles and papers should follow the instructions described in the guide for the preparation of articles that can be downloaded below.

Articles and papers should be submitted through the Easy Chair Platform

If you have any questions about paper submission, please contact the ciKi Scientific Committee: