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Dr Gaya Gamhewage is a medical doctor and public health expert with nearly three decades of experience in the public health sector. She has worked with the World Health Organization for 19 years, most of that time leading capacity building initiatives and programmes. She currently leads all Learning, training and capacity building for WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme and is responsible for COVID19 trainings amongst others.

In addition to her medical degree, Dr Gamhewage has Masters degrees in International Health and in International Policy Making and Negotiation. She is not only an experienced trainer and facilitator, but also a certified coach who runs a number of leadership programmes for WHO. She has completed around 70 missions internationally and is a regular speaker at international conferences, seminars and workshops. She is originally from Sri Lanka but has spent most of her life aboard – in England, China and Switzerland. She speaks English, Sinhalese and Chinese fluently. Her volunteer work includes development projects, leadership coaching and youth and
women’s empowerment. She is resident in Geneva, Switzerland.