Ciki 2020


Date:                   Tuesday, September 22, 2020 12:00 hrs (GMT -3)
Title:                    Pacto Alegre, global innovation ecosystem

Content:                Through the experience of Dr. Villwock as Technical Coordinator of the training phase of Pacto Alegre, it will be shown how one can think of Innovation strategies in a given territory, oriented by and for long-term sustainable development. Critical stages and some strategies for commitment and prioritization of community goals and projects will be pointed out based on accumulated experience, as well as some lessons learned and some challenges to overcome in the future, within a complex context such as the one the planet is experiencing. 

Lecturer:                      Prof. Dr. Luís Humberto Villwock
Position:                Professor at the Business School and Advisor to the Superintendence of Innovation & Development of the Science-Technology Park of the Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul PUCRS-TECNOPUC (Brazil).
Language                    Spanish – Portuguese
Brief Resume:         Luis Humberto de Mello Villwock is an agronomist (UFRGS – 1989), a specialist in foreign trade (UNISINOS / FGV / RJ – 1990), a master in rural economics (UFRGS – 1993) and a doctorate in Administration (UFRGS – 2002). He is currently Advisor to the Innovation Superintendency of PUCRS / Tecnopuc. Adjunct Professor at the PUCRS Business School and founding partner of Villwock Consultores Associados Ltda, since 1997. He was Technical Coordinator of PACTO ALEGRE. Tecnopuc / PUCRS Relationship Manager. Founder of CriaLab – Tecnopuc Creativity Laboratory. Coordinator of the Agribusiness Innovation and Prospecting Network (RIPA / RS). Coordinator of the MBA in Economics and Agribusiness Management (Unisinos / PENSA / FIA / USP). Consultant hired by IICA for the government of Rio Grande do Sul.