Ciki 2020

The 6 Topics of CIKI 2018

Innovation Ecosystems

  • Creation of innovation ecosystems
  • Organizational models and governance of innovation ecosystems (Technoparks, Innovation Habitats, Smart Cities, etc.)
  • Measuring and evaluating the impact of innovation
  • Innovation laboratories in the public sector
  • Innovation and Creative Industries
  • Incubation of companies and innovation

Knowledge Engineering

  • Technological knowledge management
  • Knowledge Engineering for Innovation
  • Knowledge engineering applied to organizations
  • Knowledge engineering applied to electronic government
  • Theory and practice of knowledge engineering

Knowledge Management

  • Intellectual capital management
  • Intellectual capital and business innovation
  • Knowledge management, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Management of sustainability knowledge
  • Theory and practice in knowledge management

Knowledge Media

  • Media of knowledge and innovation
  • Media and knowledge in education
  • Media and dissemination of knowledge
  • Theory and practice of the knowledge media

The Innovative and Entrepreneurial University

  • Knowledge transfer and innovative entrepreneurship
  • Management of research and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystems in universities
  • Models for the development of entrepreneurial and innovative universities

Management and Practice of Social Innovation

  • Innovative Processes for Social Inclusion
  • Concepts and methodologies for social innovation
  • Corporate social responsibility and social innovation

This list is not exhaustive, and we invite you to submit papers that address relevant topics related to the central theme of the congress, “Habitats of innovation and knowledge economy“.