Ciki 2020

The 6 Topics of CIKI 2020

Innovation Ecosystems

  • Creation of innovation ecosystems
  • Organizational models and governance of innovation ecosystems (Technoparks, Innovation Habitats, Smart Cities, etc.)
  • Measuring and evaluating the impact of innovation
  • Innovation laboratories in the public sector
  • Innovation and Creative Industries
  • Incubation of companies and innovation

Knowledge Engineering

  • Technological knowledge management
  • Knowledge Engineering for Innovation
  • Knowledge engineering applied to organizations
  • Knowledge engineering applied to electronic government
  • Theory and practice of knowledge engineering

Knowledge Management

  • Intellectual capital management
  • Intellectual capital and business innovation
  • Knowledge management, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Management of sustainability knowledge
  • Theory and practice in knowledge management

Knowledge Media

  • Media of knowledge and innovation
  • Media and knowledge in education
  • Media and dissemination of knowledge
  • Theory and practice of the knowledge media

The Innovative and Entrepreneurial University

  • Knowledge transfer and innovative entrepreneurship
  • Management of research and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystems in universities
  • Models for the development of entrepreneurial and innovative universities

Management and Practice of Social Innovation

  • Innovative Processes for Social Inclusion
  • Concepts and methodologies for social innovation
  • Corporate social responsibility and social innovation

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